Tuesday, May 26, 2009


George and Lynne are at somebody's pool party. Lynne notices a friend, Ellen, and her new man. She then remarks on Ellen's new man's body. George is unimpressed and implies that if he has a good body then he must be stupid. However it turns out this man is a scientist.

It is a hot day so one of the many residents has decided to have a party at their house which has a pool. George is non-plussed by Lynne's ogling but he shouldn't be as his physique is not bad. He should be happy that he is not suffering from the acute jaundice that the scientist has. Probably from the high number of white wine spritzers he's had. His swimsuit is smaller that the one George bought Lynne the other day (I assume for this pool party). I notice that Lynne isn't wearing her new tiny swimsuit. I'm glad George is playing safe with his Hawaiian shorts, no need for a speedo for him.

Is a scientist actually a profession? That could be anything from a teacher to someone discovering a new form of particle matter. Maybe that's why he's so yellow, from an experiment gone wrong.

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  1. He should be doing something scientific in the last scene for this to make sense - like measuring Ellen's assets or mixing her a cocktail in a test tube.