Wednesday, December 1, 2010


George and Lynne are at the circus. Lynne tells George that Annabelle tried juggling family and a career. George asks if it worked out. Lynne said it didn't and now she does the juggling.

The circus has come to Wimbledon and George and Lynne have landed plum front row tickets. George's firm leased the land that the circus put its big top up on. In the deal he wangled himself a couple of freebies for the opening night.

Lynne's friend Annabelle wanted to have both a career and a family, unlike Lynne who wants neither, but unfortunately it didn't work out. Annabelle used to be a successful interior designer. She had two children in quick succession but when they started school she wanted to return to work. She had so much trouble juggling the two she ended up having a breakdown; she literally ran away and joined the circus. Now she juggles for a living. She never sees her children or husband. George and Lynne find this funny.

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