Thursday, April 29, 2010


George and Lynne are in the garden. Lynne is in a paddling pool and tells George that buying a paddling pool was a great idea. She adds that it is a terrific way to cool down. George says that he isn't sure about that because it's raising his temperature.

It is another hot day in Wimbledon so it's an ideal time to road test that paddling pool. Lynne has first go due to the fact it was her idea to buy it. Lynne is gloating about her idea to buy the pool. George wanted to get an old fashioned sprinkler but Lynne talks a good argument.

Lynne is cooled down by the water in the pool even though she hasn't filled it up very much. Due to the amount of hot days in south west London recently, a hosepipe ban has had to be enforced. Another reason why George's sprinkler idea would have backfired.

George is getting hot under the collar because of the pose Lynne is pulling. Not only is it arousing him but he thinks this might be a crafty plot by Lynne to make George admit he has been hiding a stash of jazz magazines in his games room by pulling a pose straight from his latest copy of Penthouse. If he admits it's turning him on then he'll have to admit to his collection. He could of course blame it on Sammy.


  1. It's an unusually crudely drawn G+L. Looks like a 14 year old boy's fantasy cartoon with the bikini bottoms drawn in afterwards.

  2. Agree. No professional cartoonist should own up to this one.