Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Lynne is talking the vicar who tells her that the church bell ringers have started a monthly book club. Lynne asks him which book they are reading this month and he tells her it is of course For Whom The Bell Tolls.

Lynne is back in the church talking to the vicar. The last time we saw him he was straight faced and wearing a more formal vicar outfit which suggests she had barged in just before a service. This time he is wearing his more usual vicar garb so it as an average church day. Lynne has popped in either to help with the flowers or to steal them. The fact that she is holding them over a table initially and then away from the altar later shows that she is indeed stealing the flowers and makes conversation with the vicar to distract him.

Even though the vicar tells Lynne that the bell ringers have started, Lynne asks him which book they are reading this month, rather than which book they are starting with. Essentially it is the same question but it shows that lynne has her mind firmly on getting those flowers out as quickly as possible. The vicar should have spotted her mistake and realised something was amiss.

The vicar does not realise however and is happy to fulfill Lynne's enquiry. He tells her it is For Whom The Bell Tolls of course. He says of course because he thought he'd mentioned it was an Ernest Hemingway book club. Last month they read The Old Man And The Sea and next month they are planning on reading A Farewell To Arms. They wanted to start with something light and felt that to start with a book over 400 pages was a bit adventurous. They enjoyed The Old Man And The Sea so much that they decided to jump straight to the relatively large For Whom The Bell Tolls rather than slighter The Sun Also Rises. By month four they will be bored of Hemingway and move on to Beat novels of Kerouac and Burroughs.


  1. This seems unlikely to have taken place in the church. At least the background doesn't appear to be a place of worship. Instead, I think this is an early example of an open mic night at the local comedy club. The vicar is a fellow comedian and has probably donned religious clothing for comedic effect. For her part, Lynne has taken along some flowers to allow her to use some of her 'hilarious' material about Morissey.

    One thing is for certain. Judging by the standard of the quips that Lynne and the vicar have been using, they are both going to get bottled off by the angry crowd, eager for some hard hitting political comedy about 'Mrs Thatch'.

  2. It's a pity Lynne would be expelled from the book club for suggesting shitty books on space. She would never look at 'Mantha the same way again if she read "The Garden of Eden" by Hemmingway. Mind you, that didn't come out till 86.

    For God's sake don't cut your Hair Lynne.