Tuesday, April 13, 2010


George and Lynne are out and about when they see a young couple kissing. Lynne asks George if he remembers their mad passionate youth. George says he does and says that Lynne got mad every time he got too passionate.

George and Lynne feel it's safe to walk around in public today. Lynne is wearing an overcoat but is also carrying another garment over her arm. It looks like a relatively sunny day so Lynne has not read the weather forecast properly and has decided to over dress to be on the safe side.

After their short conversation, Lynne appears to punch George. This is connected to George's last comment about Lynne getting mad when George gets passionate. George was not being passionate this time so Lynne has no real reason to get mad. Lynne must have certain rage issues and has a Pavlovian reaction to George's advances. George leant in a bit too far so Lynne got out a quick right jab. This is just a warning shot to show George just what she can do if he decides to get too close. If you look closely, Lynne isn't really trying. Her left hand is nonchalantly playing with her ear when she strikes George and it catches him by surprise, no doubt sending him to the ground. Just imagine what damage she could do with her famous left hook.

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