Tuesday, April 20, 2010


George and Lynne are skiing. Lynne says that she'd better stick the to the beginner's nursery slopes. She then falls forward. Three men come to her aid and Lynne says it is a case of beginner's luck.

This is Lynne's first time skiing and she looks a little off balance. It's a good job her pride hasn't gotten the better of her otherwise she might be bounding towards the professional slopes. George on the other hand looks a natural as he keeps his speed low and slides behind Lynne to watch her. George has done this before.

Lynne has an accident and thinks the fact that three men are helping her is lucky because she likes openly flirting in front of her husband. This is not luck. The ski resort has a policy for first aiders to be on hand if any accident occurs. These men are not here to help Lynne up, but to check that she hasn't broken her back. The man in green is the recognised first aider whereas the man in purple is a rep for the resort. The man in the cap and yellow jacket behind is Howlin' Mad Murdoch from the A-Team, or in reality, the actor Dwight Schultz. He is on an intensive training course at the same time, although not with any other cast members. He is needed for a ski scene in the next series and like Lynne is a beginner. It is likely that the two men who are helping Lynne are in fact specifically there to assist Mr Schultz in his training. In that case, it is very lucky that Lynne had her accident in the vicinity of a well known TV celebrity.

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  1. Look at George's face as he shoves her down the slope. His mask has slipped and there is not one ounce of humanity there. A cold blooded killer in a professional ski suit. Lets hope he is not being trailled by three under cover detectives.

    What was it George? Was it the money problems ? Was it the insane root that takes the reason prisoner? Or was it the quips?