Monday, April 19, 2010


Lynne is meeting an unnamed friend for dinner. She tells Lynne that she loves her dress which Lynne thinks is kind. She then goes on to tell Lynne that she saw it on Sophie last week which Lynne thinks is catty.

Lynne needs to be careful. Not only is this woman more than happy ruining this dinner but she could also take a chunk out of Lynne's arm. Look at those nails! They could draw blood with the flick of a wrist. This must be her threat if Lynne continues to refuse her advances. This friend is definitely getting a little close for comfort here and has already knocked Lynne down a peg or two with her snide remark. Play the game Lynne.

This restaurant has excellent food but people really go for the service. Their waiter, who might indeed be the head waiter, is doing a fine job. First he lets the two women meet and keeps a good distance so not to make them uncomfortable. As he sees that their greeting has come to its natural conclusion, he silently walks into their line of sight and beckons them to follow him with a simple raised forefinger. It is a subtle move but it commands attention. Finally, when he has got them to their table he makes a calculated decision of which lady to seat first. As Lynne's friend is going to sit nearer the wall he decides to seat her first so he doesn't have to clamber past Lynne on his way back. He has also seen that Lynne is making a face so thinks it would be better to wait a second or two until Lynne is feeling slightly more relaxed. If he sat her first here he could find himself on the wrong side of a dressing down. This would cause a scene and would damage the reputation of this fine establishment. This head waiter, whom we shall call Christophe, is doing a bang up job.

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  1. She's no friend of Lynne's, that's for sure. I can see her getting a good kicking outside the restaurant later on. And quite right too. Bitch.