Thursday, April 8, 2010


George and Lynne are at a football match where everyone is cheering for United. As United score, George tells Lynne that they are five-nil up. Lynne decides to cheer for Rovers. George asks her why she is cheering for the other side. Lynne replies that she feels sorry for them.

George and Lynne are at the football and once again they are playing a team in blue. At first glance we might think that they are at Manchester United but then we see the actual crowd. This is lower league football, just as we suspected from before. It's difficult to know exactly which team George and Lynne support. We now know it's not Tooting & Mitcham FC. More research is needed.

Lynne is a season ticket holder at 'United' but not only does she not follow the game, losing track of the score, but she also starts cheering for the other team. This doesn't sound like a true supporter. It seems that she's not really interested in United. Lynne has never liked United. She is a supporter of a completely different team, although not Rovers, and is upset that United's rise up the league is at the expense of her beloved 'City' or 'Town'.

George however is really interested in the game. So much so that he has noticed the fifth United goal before anyone else in the crowd. He has also been able to get out a sentence out before the roar of the crowd drowns him out. However, this last goal maybe much time later as George and Lynne are now in a crowd surrounded by the Terracotta Army. We all know that a non-league ground is a perfect place to store a 2000 year old artifact between exhibitions.


  1. They do fit the profile for Man Utd supporters. They don't live in Manchester and they don't really know anything about football.

  2. Now, if this is the early 1980's as is commonly supposed, Lynne could be in serious trouble. Football violence was prevalent then and supporters were segregated and fenced in to prevent trouble. Lynne has now professed support for Rovers and is surrounded by United fans. It seems wholly possible to me that Lynne and possibly George will indeed be going home in a St John Ambulance.

  3. Why does George Spell out goal as G-O-A-L? That would take ages to shout out.

    And why does he patronisingly tell the score to Lynne? Alright, she looks baffled in the first frame, as if she has stared in wonder at the deepest mystery the universe has to offer, and has found it slightly distasteful. But surely even Lynne would be able to gather the rudiments of association football? Even Lynne, surely?

    Why say "our side"?


    More pertinently, this is 198n. No one took their wife to the match in those days. Not unless they wanted to get noticed. And with that quiff / fastened pink shirt with no tie / dizzy wife combo, he'll be the talk of the terraces.

  4. It's most likely that George has decided to give Lynne a break from Wimbledon's Plough Lane ground and taken her to see Sutton United. The colour scheme doesn't match Sutton's famous Yellow & Brown shirts, though, so Sutton must be playing away. The blue & white quartered strip suggests that the home team is probably Bristol Rovers, so this must be in the FA Cup. That makes the 5-0 scoreline even more remarkable. And would explain why Lynne feels sorry for them. It's always embarrassing getting tonked 5-0 at home by non-league opposition. Poor old Rovers fans. I bet the Bristol City supporters will be teasing them for weeks.

    It's good news for George & Lynne if they decide to start watching Sutton regularly. They can look forward to knocking Coventry out of the cup in a few years time.

  5. George has a really odd, elongated face in frame 1, he looks like George Orwell