Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Lynne and 'Mantha are out and about when they see a window cleaner. 'Mantha tells Lynne that his name is Wayne. Lynne confirms this and adds that he has a way with the ladies. Wayne tells them that he woke up this morning and jumped out of bed in too much of a hurry. Lynne asks if he overslept. Wayne says that he did not, but in fact it was because Mrs Wilson's husband came home early from his night shift.

Wayne the window cleaner is obviously known about town. This could be because he has a way with the ladies as Lynne says. It could also be because his name is alliterative to his profession. It's most likely because he is the only window cleaner in the area.

Wayne certainly does not want to keep his dalliances a secret. He could quite easily have kept the information about him getting out of bed in a hurry to himself. Did we miss a question from Lynne asking him why he looks a bit jittery, or why he has 6 empty cups of coffee by his ladder?No, he was setting up Lynne to ask him why he did that so he could boast about his affair.

Poor Mr and Mrs Wilson. After finding out about his wife's affair, Mr Wilson went through a variety of emotions, but ultimately decided that he wanted to make his marriage work. Both he and his wife discussed this and agreed that they would keep this tryst to themselves. However, having told Lynne and 'Mantha, the information will be all over town before tea time. Mr and Mrs Wilson will have to admit to the affair. Mrs Wilson will be branded a hussy and Mr Wilson a wet blanket. He will be the laughing stock when he checks back into his shift at the dairy.


  1. These past two strips have been very bizarre.

  2. that was genius.

    Where is George? On an oversees trip nuts deep in some spanish whore or in Ford Open Prison for embezzlement is my guess