Tuesday, April 6, 2010


George is picking Lynne up from a magic show and asks if it was interesting. Lynne tells him that it was because the assistants had a fight. George ask what the fight was over and Lynne tells him that it was they both claimed they saw a handsome young volunteer from the audience first.

Either George does not like magic or he was busy and could not attend the show. If he does not like magic then Lynne must really like magic, as it is unlikely that she would attend this on her own, without even a friend. So George was busy, but he is wearing such casual clothes. He has just returned from a company retreat which included a variety of team building exercises. As you can see he is wearing the customary casual businessman attire of a pair of slacks and shirt under a round necked sweater. The retreat was not so far that he had to get the train and he was able to coincide his return with the end of the magic show. The retreat was in Brighton.

How very unprofessional of these assistants. They are literally having a fist fight over who has the rights to this handsome young volunteer. Do they even know he is available? They must have noticed that he was sitting with a group of male friends. If they both have indeed taken a shine to him, the stage is no place for this heated discussion. They should have waited until after the show. The problem there is that it might have been too late; the handsome young volunteer having already gone out the exit and on his way home leaving two magician's assistants sleeping alone once more. Even he did like them, it is unlikely he would make a move after seeing them scrap like that.

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  1. is Lynne moonlighting as a magician's assistant? Perhaps she wants to add in the odd casual magic trick to her arsenal of stolen stand up gags as she and her friends idly pass their time

    Poor, poor Mantha.

    Also, the theatre is in imminent danger of flooding