Wednesday, April 14, 2010


George is waiting for Lynne. Lynne comes out of a shop apologises for being late and explains that she just bought a new hat for Carol's wedding. George doesn't mind as it took him ages to park the car. He then tells Lynne to hurry up as he is on a meter and the time is almost up. Lynne asks George to see her across the road. George picks her up and carries her saying that he will see her anywhere in that hat.

George isn't bothered about Lynne being late yet he is looking at his watch. If he has just arrived, due to taking a long time to park the car, he may just be checking the time to see how late he is and is working out his apology to Lynne. However he could be lying for the sake of diplomacy. He is checking his watch and tutting.

He must be lying about taking ages to park the car as he says that the time on his meter is almost up. Now, unless he only paid for 5 minutes then he has been waiting for a long time. George knows exactly how upset Lynne gets in any argument so he decides to try and cover up his annoyance, but he still doesn't want to get a parking ticket.

So even though he has been waiting ages and is seconds away from a £40 fine, he still decides to carry Lynne across the road. This was something he used to do in his youth but now it's a little trickier. Just look at how much he is shaking. Lynne is far heavier now and he is very close to dropping her. After trying so hard not to upset Lynne he will soon fall on top of her on a wet road and get an ear bashing, and then get a parking ticket. Not a good day for George.


  1. You mean a £6 fine, don't you? Unless you're living sometime in the future when parking fines are £40.

  2. George must be a poor driver who cannot parallel park. There is ample space outside the shop.

    Never trust a man who can't park.

    The shop looks like it is called Hat Supermarket, with the sign going round the side of the shop. Another post ironic boutique in Wimbledon. There must have been quite a little scene in those days. It must have been fucking appalling. Can you even imagine?

    The 'E' of what looks like 'supermarket' is dropping off. Assuming for a moment that it is not ironic, they'll be glad of the trade from Lynne for that hat. 198n would have been the height of Dallas Mania so it looks like Lynne is going to a themed wedding. Less pretentious than post irony, maybe, but just as awful. When you think of the life George is made to lead, you can almost forgive him.

    I can't help but think that the shop owners are laughing at Lynne. Lets hope George doesn't notice, other wise there will be some more TCB (taking care of business) to be done.