Wednesday, April 28, 2010


George and Sammy are drinking together. Sammy asks if Lynne is out, to which George replies that she is helping out down the Ferryboat. One of them says that with her looks and figure she should be very popular. One of them adds that she might be a bit too popular.

It seems that Sammy has come round George and Lynne's house. George and Sammy are sitting very close to each other on the sofa which means we must be in George's 'den', the place where he watches sport and only has a two seater sofa. On the wall is a rare pencil drawing of a football scene so this could be known as George's games room. He and Sammy are enjoying a refreshing can of Hofmeister.

Lynne is helping out down the Ferryboat. We may think that the ferryboat is actually just a ferryboat but in fact it is a local pub called the Ferryboat Inn. Does Lynne do this often – just go and help out down the local pub? It is likely she has not been formally trained to pull a pint and use the cash register so all she does is collect and clean glasses. She does this work for free because she likes to get out in the evenings now and then.

It is difficult to know who says what at the end of this episode. Does Sammy have the right to comment on Lynne's looks and figure? Is George gloating that he has the more attractive wife? Is George lamenting the predicted influx of men into the pub tonight? Is Sammy warning George that many men will be ogling his wife? This is the downside of having a social and attractive wife. George may gloat that his wife is more attractive but relatively Sammy has done better. His wife may not be as attractive as Lynne but Sammy is a big nosed drunk so he has done quite well for himself. 'Mantha must have a thing for Frank Zappa.

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  1. Sammy hasn't really got a big nose - for reasons best known to himself he has been wearing a joke shop nose/glasses/moustache disguise since the strip began.