Thursday, April 22, 2010


Lynne is cleaning. She thinks to herself that her rich mother is visiting at short notice. She continues to think that it is all right for her mother as she has got an army of staff to clean her house. She then ponders whether it means she has a navy of staff to clean her fish pond.

Lynne's rich mother has either just arrived at short notice or is arriving imminently having only told her daughter this morning she was coming. Lynne is frantically hoovering a side table and dusting a bookcase so to look as though they keep their house clean. She is in such a hurry that hasn't even had time to get properly dressed yet. Let's hope Lynne's mother hasn't already arrived as there could be an awkward moment if she comes downstairs now.

We learnt before that Lynne's mother is not rich herself, but has recently married a billionaire. Lynne has yet to see any of this money and Lynne's mother seems to be one of those nouveau riche people who will suddenly become very demanding, forgetting her lower middle class roots. The story of Lynne's father on the other hand is a mystery. Did they divorce? Did he die? We just don't know. Whichever it is, Lynne's mother is certainly not the woman he married.

No Lynne, it does not. She probably has a gardener.


  1. I don't think Lynne has a rich mother at all. It looks to me like yet another attempt at writing a routine for her stand up comedy act. Unfortunately it's more Jimmy Tarbuck than Jimmy Carr and her career is to stall before it even starts. And quite right too.

  2. Just an observation: It seems there are two G&L artists. One with clear, bold lines and one with sketchy, almost child-like strokes. The latter makes Lynne look almost masculine. This (Army of Staff) was obviously done by the former, but I wonder who else notices this.

  3. I think it is just how drunk / hungover the artist is at the time.

  4. A new comedy low for Lynne, ripping off items from 'The Things Kids Say' in Woman's Realm.