Tuesday, May 12, 2009


George is trying to impress Lynne by taking her to a local wine tasting evening (or so the banner says). George tries to impress Lynne by giving her tips on how to taste wine but Lynne questions his tips. George comes clean by saying that he only knows that through his observation of Sammy over the years.

Sammy's raging alcoholism is getting out of control. 'Mantha has banned him from drinking at home. Sammy's only outlet for booze is to go to a wine tasting evening at the local village hall. So far he has drunk two bottles and has lined up four more. Again, he is saying 'Cheers!' to absolutely no one. George is finally concerned about Sammy's problem, but will still let Sammy drive home by himself. Sammy will eventually get home the next day having spent the night in a hedge after being thrown out of the wine tasting evening for relieving himself in the spit bucket. He then has a fight with the vicar. 'Mantha is going out of her mind with worry and calls Lynne at 3am who makes a joke which everyone enjoys.

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