Saturday, May 16, 2009


The postman has to ring the door bell at George and Lynne's house because he has a parcel to deliver. Lynne goes to answer the door in just a towel. She sees a mouse and in terror jumps into the postman's arms. The postman, in a rare spell of comic genius, decides to repeat his line but substitutes the word sir for madame and your wife for a parcel because he now holds George's wife, who of course is Lynne. George looks confused.

Firstly why is Lynne going to answer the door in only a towel when George is clearly fully dressed and therefore in a better state to greet visitors? Secondly that looks more like a rat. Thirdly, where did said package go? If it was some fine china that George had ordered, it has now smashed on the floor. George did not get postal insurance so the postman has to be held responsible. But then you have to ask George what is more important - some fine china or his wife's well being? I know what I'd choose.

And finally, does George seriously think that the postman is delivering him his own wife wearing only a towel? If that was the case, it smacks of arrogance on the postman's part of sleeping with someone's wife, and then delivering her back to her husband as if to say 'Here you are sir, I'm done with this now.' If George did think this then he would most likely punch the postman square in the face, much like he's done to Sammy on more than one occasion. No George, there's a simple explanation for all of this. 

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  1. Has George really ever punched Sammy?