Friday, May 1, 2009


George and Lynne live in the mid to late seventies. They are married but they have no children. They live a quiet suburban life in a nice house with a garden, something they can probably afford due to not having any children. They appear to have a healthy sex life. We don't know their surname but I'm betting it's Johnson.

This is Lynne:

Lynne is a housewife. She usually spends most days running errands and sunbathing. Sometimes she will meet up with her other housewife friends in a park or a cafe. Lynne has no problem with nudity which is the norm for the time. Lynne loves her husband very much but sometimes teases him in a way married couples do.

This is George:

George is the only breadwinner in the family (of two) but we don't know what he does. Even though it is the seventies he keeps his hair short be cause he is sensible and he is receding. George appears to love his wife very much although she tells the most appalling jokes. He may be still with her because she has an incredible body, even though he could find someone far more intelligent. He may have had an affair in his time.

This site will attempt to dissect each George and Lynne episode so you the reader knows what the hell is going on.


  1. Wasn't Lynne George's secretary at one time and that's how they met? I seem to remember reading that somewhere. Or perhaps I dreamt it. Either way it sounds about right.

  2. I always got the impression that they were swingers

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