Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Lynne has a friend affectionately called 'Mantha. I can only assume her name is Samantha. Lynne has gone round her house in only a bra and trousers. Samantha has recently been to Russia with her husband Sammy, and bought Lynne some Russian dolls as a gift, which she fails to thank her for. Sammy didn't see much sights as he spent most of his time drinking vodka.

Sammy and 'Mantha must love each other very much, despite the fact that they must have built their relationship around them having the same name. They must love each other because Sammy is a raging alcoholic. He goes all the way to Russia and spends all his time getting drunk on Vodka. He saw absolutely none of the sites, leaving poor 'Mantha to traipse round Moscow on her own. Lynne knows this would happen by the way she asked her second question. But let's give Sammy his dues. He earns enough to take him and his wife to Russia in the late 70s.

Sammy is so drunk now that he's saying 'Cheers' to no one. Maybe he's just happy because he has on his favourite Spiderman slippers.

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  1. This is a clever plot as it can be repeated each year with different destinations/national drinks.