Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are at the seaside and decide to look through a pay telescope, perhaps at the Isle of Wight. George and Sammy proclaim that they don't need a telescope to look at their wives' arses.

Lynne and 'Mantha are either complete sluts who wear stockings, suspenders and thongs to a windy day out in Portsmouth or they are off to some sort of burlesque night on the south coast and they didn't want to change in the car or a pub toilet. Either way, George and Sammy (who by the way has yet to have his first drink of the day, but it is only 10am and his ice cream is rum raisin) pretend they are looking at their own wives' arses but in fact they are looking at each other's wives' arses. 


  1. The fact that Sammy and George speak perfectly in unison suggests that they have rehearsed this, possibly as a 'skit' for the burlesque show later that night. After the act goes down poorly Sammy will forego his dreams of cabaret and return to his previous dream of drinking himself into an early grave. It is a tragedy.

  2. In any case they are far too close to their wives' arses to derive any benefit from a telescope. Only a special 'macro' monocular specifically designed for short distances would improve the view at that range.