Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Lynne and 'Mantha are playing a game of snooker. 'Mantha remarks that George and Sammy aren't joining them for the game, to which Lynne replies that the husbands prefer pool. George and Sammy are by the pool looking at scantily clad women.

George, Lynne, Sammy and 'Mantha have gone on a mini break somewhere hot. In a hilarious reversal of roles, it is the women who are sensibly attired and inside and the men that are semi naked and sun bathing. 'Mantha is trying to build up a break in the game of snooker as she is aiming for the pink but her technique is not up to much as she should have her head a little lower. Either that or she's attempting to screw round the pink to hit the red but that's a little unbelievable as there are two much easier reds on. What's funny here is that Lynne and 'Mantha truly believe that the reason George and Sammy haven't joined them is that they prefer pool to snooker, the ladies' game of choice, when in fact they prefer strangers breasts to their wives'. George and Sammy will spend the entire afternoon attempting to chat to these unfamiliar women and Lynne and 'Mantha will be none the wiser.

But at least it keeps Sammy's drinking under control.

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