Friday, May 22, 2009


George and Sammy are down the pub with a mutual friend, Bill. Bill is upset because his wife has threatened to leave him. Sammy knows full well this has happened before but Bill is upset because she never leaves.

For a start, the pub is no place for an alcoholic like Sammy. George should know better but I think this evening is for Bill's sake and sacrifices need to be made. Why Bill's wife is threatening to leave him I don't know, maybe it has something to do with his ever increasing forehead. What they need to do to cheer Bill up is to buy him a drink as he's been nursing that empty pint glass for the whole conversation. I can only assume Bill has come straight from work as he is smartly attired. I do not know where Sammy has come from but his pink jacket and pink polo shirt get up is frankly not working.

Bill and his wife are staying together for the kids. George is shocked by Bill's last line, but Sammy is already drunk. Just look at how glazed over his eyes are as he stares in lust at a bottle of Chablis. The pub was a bad idea.

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