Thursday, May 14, 2009


An unnamed man tells Lynne, who is washing the windows in a low cut top and short tennis skirt, that he thinks moving abroad is the best idea due to the recession (probably the one of 1981). Lynne asks when he is going but the man says he isn't going anywhere but his wife flew out this morning. He then leaves with two unnamed women.

Lynne is so bored, and 'Mantha is elsewhere, so she is cleaning the windows. She got dressed as normal, called a couple of friends and no one picked up, so she had to do something. Who knows who this man is but he obviously knows Lynne well enough to start up a conversation. He has somehow hoodwinked his wife into leaving the country, most probably at huge expense, just so he can have his way with two local women, who have appeared from nowhere; didn't Lynne see them coming?

Who is this man that he can so unashamedly flaunt his affair, or at least his night of hot sex? If you look closely, Lynne looks shocked and a little bit appalled. She may think that if this man can pack his wife off just for the cheap thrill of a menage-a-trois, what is stopping every other man in this sleepy sex obsessed town? Including George!

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