Thursday, June 9, 2011


George and Lynne are out and about. Lynne tells George that she's heard that Mike and Carol have renewed their marriage vows. She believes that that was romantic and asks George if they should do the same. George says that there is no need. He kisses her and says that his vows are as fresh as ever. Lynne says that that is even more romantic.

The fact that Mike and Carol have renewed their vows is not really exciting news. No, the exciting part is that there is a couple in the Wimbledon area other than George and Lynne who aren't alliterative. It appears this is the secret of a good marriage.

George says his vows are as fresh as ever. If this is the case, George and Lynne's wedding must have an awkward affair for the guests. George vowed to befriend a drunk, only have three sets of clothes and do anything possible to get a look at his wife naked. Lynne vowed to tell bad jokes, never get a job and show off her tits at every opportunity.

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  1. Class.

    Their assertions are unconvincing though. George is unwilling to explicitly repeat his vows and, in the middle frame, Lynne has her right arm folded and is holding her bag between George and her body. What a contrast between their exaggerated and confused body language and that of the lesbian couple on the zebra crossing.