Wednesday, June 8, 2011


George and Lynne are having a dance. Martha tells them that Martin took her dancing the other night. Lynne asks her if she thinks he may be the one. Martha tells her that she got a tingling feeling. Lynne asks her if that is a sign of true love. Martha says that it isn't, but a sign that the clumsy idiot was treading on her toes.

George and Lynne are at another gala. They go to galas most weekends and at least twice a week. As this is a Wednesday, it's gala night. And as usual after the meal, there is dancing.

Martha talks of dancing with Martin, so who is the man she is dancing with now? It can't be Martin as this would make Martha the rudest woman on earth. Is Martha seeing Martin? If she is, why has she gone to a gala with this man. He must be a wealthy benefactor who you don't turn down a dance with. Either that or she is a high class prostitute.

Martin is a dancing enthusiast and hopes that by taking Martha dancing, they can bond over a shared experience. However, Martin is not a good dancer. On the plus side, even though he was treading on Martha's toes, she only got a tingling feeling. This must make Martin a very light man. Perhaps he has an eating disorder, hence why he did not want to go to the gala dinner.

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  1. Is that a snarl on Lynne's face at the end? Was she trying to set up a joke only for Martha to get her joke in first? Martha had better not make a habit of this or there will be trouble.