Thursday, June 16, 2011


Lynne is in the gym. Whilst on the treadmill, she thinks to herself that her local MP thought about running for deputy but her gave up the idea when someone pointed out he wouldn't get to wear a sheriff's badge.

Lynne likes to have a think when she is working out. It breaks up the monotony of exercise and gives her a chance to grapple some pressing issues. Unfortunately, because she is wrapped up in her own thoughts, she is yet to make any new friends at the gym.

If Lynne said her thoughts out loud to a human being, she might involve herself in a conversation. She would get out of breath whilst running, but it would make those gym visits more fun. In this instance she could've have spoken to Anne Widdecombe, who is also at the gym. Anne, being a politician, would be incredibly interested in the local MP's shortcomings. They could have a good old laugh at him and Anne could have used it as a stepping stone to her own political career, at this moment in its infancy. Maybe Lynne thinks that Anne Widdecombe would already know about this and doesn't want to bother her with old news. In fact, it was probably the sight of Anne which reminded Lynne of the MP story.


  1. Lynne adopted the typical protocol at gyms: compete, don't make friends.
    I heard about one man for whom that was true for twelve years; no friends were ever made, people just competed.
    Then he had a severe accident (from which he ultimately recovered) but which meant he had to go to a rehabilitation centre gym for some months; the attitude of the particpants there was very different: they were 'rooting for' eachother, and he made enduring friendships.
    Since coming down with her 2:2 in PPE from Newnham, Lynne suspects that she should have gone into politics. But going to the rehab gym as well would be good for her.

  2. Running for deputy what? Is this another recycled US gag like the lift one?