Thursday, June 2, 2011


Lynne is applying her make-up and tells George it her first task every morning. She continues to say that without her make-up, she feels undressed.

In this, the last part of the getting ready trilogy, we join George and Lynne in the morning, perhaps after the gala the night before. Lynne is still drunk so puts on her make-up before she gets into the shower. Later she will sprinkle coffee on her cornflakes and put the dishes in the washing machine.

George is also a little worse for wear. He collapsed in bed last night and didn't take off his shirt or special gold watch, which he only wears on special occasions, like galas. It also look like he was wearing his special small pants too. A treat for Lynne.

The horror of the evening will dawn on them when George finds his car in the driveway, meaning he drove home drunk, tyre tracks in the flower bed, and sick in the sink. A good evening.

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