Wednesday, June 1, 2011


George is is sitting around. He is waiting for Lynne to get ready and states that Lynne always takes her time getting ready. Lynne slowly gets dressed, putting on each piece of underwear very carefully. At the end George says he is not complaining that Lynne takes her time getting ready.

George is waiting for Lynne but who is he talking to? Has he invited Sammy to sit behind a two-way mirror? Does he have a series of cameras set up in his bedroom which feed to a bank of monitors in his sex dungeon? Whatever is going on, he looks pretty sinister at the beginning.

George could have easily put this time to better use. He could have done his taxes, printed some more fliers for his blues band or finally sorted out the spice drawer. You'd think he'd seen this charade many times before. He must just want to get a good look at Lynne before they come back from the gala, where he plans to get blind steaming drunk. At that point, there's no way Lynne is going to let his busy hands near her stockings.


  1. He seems to be looking past the bed. Maybe he's put a portable telly in the bedroom, so now he can watch Little and Large while he's waiting.

  2. Is that a pole in the first frame, just where Lynne's right elbow is? If so, perhaps George's comment about Lynne "getting ready" is a reference to Lynne's dressing up to give him an erotic pole dance. And if this is the early 1980's that surely makes Lynne a real trend setter.