Tuesday, June 14, 2011


George and Lynne are in a bookshop. George has heard news that Giles has taken on an assistant and asks him to confirm this. Giles says he has because at his age he needs to take things more easily. He continues to say that he leaves Angie to do most of the leg work. Lynne says she can see why.

Giles owns and runs this bookshop. He has done for quite some years and is known for his garish waistcoats. He sells all manner of books and has always run the business completely on his own. It kept costs down and gave him something to do.

Giles has, until recently, always staunchly denied he has needed any help with his bookshop. That was until he fell off a ladder replacing a new batch of Jackie Collins'. It was then he bowed to public opinion and put an ad in the shop window.

Giles hired Angie and now she does most of the 'leg work' as he puts it. What this entails is going up and down the ladder to fetch books on high shelves. Lynne says she can see why he lets her do this work. It is because she is fitter and more active than Giles. It is also because Angie is terrible with numbers and would be useless doing a stock take.

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