Wednesday, June 15, 2011


George arrives home to hear Lynne reciting numbers. George thinks the numbers Lynne is saying are her measurements: bust, waist and hip. They are in fact Lynne's lottery numbers.

This episode takes place not in the mid 1990s as you might think, but in our usual time of the early to mid 80s. Lynne has bought a ticket for the Ohio state lottery during one of their many trips away. After getting home, she decided to put her ticket somewhere safe, in this case sellotaped to her mirror. After writing to a friend in America, she has finally got the results of the lottery she bought the ticket for. Before reading the actual numbers, she checks her own numbers, three of which are 36, 24 and 35.

Lynne will find out soon that she has not won the Ohio state lottery. It's a good job too because as she doesn't live there, she would not be able to claim her winnings.

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  1. It could have been one of the European lotteries. Maybe she got it while they were on holiday with Sammy and 'Mantha.

    Is she wearing an eyepatch? Did the weather turn bad on their holiday, leaving them all cooped up in the hotel for several days and getting increasingly fed up with one another's company until it all turned a bit ugly?