Tuesday, June 21, 2011


George asks Lynne how the hen night was. Lynn tells him that they all went wild when some hunky men in police uniforms walked in. George asks her if they were male strippers. Lynne says they were and adds that they weren't to know that. George then asks if they were real policemen. Lynne says that they were and that the women ripped all their clothes off. She adds that their case comes up next week.

It is morning. Lynne looks a little worse for wear after a hen party she attended the night before. George goads her a little by shouting the words 'hen night', knowing it would add to her already bad hangover.

This is where the confusion starts. George asks if the men in uniform were strippers and Lynne says they were. So where did he learn that they were real policemen? The fact is that Lynne is trying to fob George off by saying they were strippers but Lynne came home in a police car the night before and a policeman talked to George after he put Lynne to bed. He knows everything.

Lynne feels no remorse for her crime. She can plead not guilty and say she thought they were strippers but for assault of a police officer she can expect a hefty fine and some community service as it is her first offence. However, if she acts like that in court she might find herself with a custodial sentence. George knows a little about criminal law, even though he went into property law for his profession, and should advise her sensibly or at least recommend a good lawyer.

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  1. There have been quite a few poor G&L's featured recently but it's unusual for them to completely fail to make sense. It's like there's a frame missing.