Thursday, June 30, 2011


George and Lynne are out and about. They come across some men digging and Lynne asks why they are digging yet another hole in the road. One of the workmen says they are looking for something. George tells Lynne that they don't just dig holes without good reason. Lynne asks them what they are look for. The workman says they are looking for the hole they dug last week.

Lynne is sick to death of the road works. Little does she know that without replacements to the infrastructure of the piping and cable network, Wimbledon will not be joining the rest of the country in the 21st century as they rely on primitive forms of communication and contaminated water from old pipes. Roadworks are a necessary evil Lynne.

The workman, who may well be the foreman, says that they are looking for the hole they dug last week. This does suggest that the workmen are a little ramshackle, but actually shows how diligent they are at their work. When they filled in their hole from last week, they did an excellent job at re-tarmacing the pavement or at least replace the paving slabs without showing where the hole was. They should really have remembered where they were digging but they were under the impression their work was over. The foreman's 'we' in the last frame does not refer to his team, more the company he works for. It was someone in head office who made the mistake and asked for more work to be done. So here they are again.

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  1. This amended strip is so much better -