Monday, June 27, 2011


Lynne is talking to a postman. On receiving her parcel she tells the postman that it is the sexy underwear George ordered for her. The postman tells her that his girlfriend doesn't wear nice underwear. In a fit of generosity, Lynne gives the postman her underwear to give to his girlfriend as she feels he needs it more than she does. Elsewhere some ladies are talking. One asks if her friend's postman boyfriend gave her wrong sized underwear. The other woman says that she knows it was bought for another woman and that she will have a word with him when she can. Lynne is there and looks shocked.

Lynne is very familiar with her postman. She answers the door in her nightie and tells the postman what is in her parcels. The postman looks a little bored because this happens every day. Yesterday she told the postman that a letter was her gas bill and a parcel was George's new fishing line. He puts up with it because Lynne is half naked all the time.

Lynne and the postman must have known that this whole gift transference was a bad idea. Surely the postman would take one look at Lynne and tell her that he couldn't possibly give them to his girlfriend because she has a smaller bust and bum than Lynne? The girlfriend would just think that he never took time to learn her measurements.

The woman talking to the postman's girlfriend might be 'Mantha. She knows all about Lynne's act of kindness and has played a cruel trick on Lynne. But Lynne can do nothing. Owning up would cause the girlfriend to accuse her of cheating with the postman. Even if she tried to explain the real reason, it would come across that Lynne thinks her underwear is better than the drab items the woman wears. Lynne would do best to be quiet and scold 'Mantha later.


  1. 'Mantha looks naked without her earrings.

    You couldn't post a parcel with ribbons sticking out like that. Lynne has actually taken the outer wrapping off the parcel and dropped it in the garden while the postman waited there chatting to her.

    He has clearly had practice at guilt-tripping the wealthy residents of Wimbledon into giving them their parcels. He is, frankly, a bit of a conman. This time he has slipped up, but he will soon charm his way into another girl's knickers.

  2. It looks like 'Mantha but those earrings are way too small.

    Lynne's shocked look in frame 3 is quite good - this one actually made me laugh at face value, and I don't think that's ever happened before.

  3. It's 'Mantha all right. Just bad drawing - the exact thing that caused this strip to go south.

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