Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Lynne and 'Mantha have gone horseriding. Lynne tells 'Mantha that Ray play a visitor from outer space in his new play. 'Mantha says it sounds exciting and asks Lynne more about the plot. Lynne tells her that the character has no passport or visa so he is sent home as an illegal alien.

Ray, from Valentino, is a keen dramatist. There were rumours that he was underage but now that Lynne has been talking about him to 'Mantha suggests that he is the local luvvie who puts on wildly adventurous amateur plays which are the talk of the town.

Everyone in Wimbledon knows Ray's plays are terrible but they still support him. On this occasion, 'Mantha seems really interested in the plot of the play as she thoroughly enjoyed the last one, despite its poor production values.

It is difficult to know if Ray's play is a comedy or a sci-fi adventure. From Lynne's description it might be a parody of science fiction films but neither 'Mantha or Lynne are laughing. In fact, Ray's play is a hard hitting allegory of the government's policies on immigration. Ray is very liberal with his beliefs and believes in equal rights for all. Whether his message comes out through all the make-up and special effects remains to be seen.


  1. 'Mantha's earrings are actually bigger than her ears now. This is getting farcical.

  2. Now? This is all a flashback. Think what they actually are like now. They'd be the size of houses.

  3. The play is a musical based on the recent album "Genesis" from the band Genesis. Ray sings the song "Illegal Alien" in an alien costume and, like Phil Collins, a comical Mexican accent.

    I like Lynne's sweater.