Wednesday, April 20, 2011


George and Lynne are asked to sign a book of condolences by a bald man. George says that it seems rather unusual. The bald man says that today it's very appropriate. Lynne adds that under the circumstances the bald man is right. She sees an unhappy bride and an ugly groom and says 'poor girl.'

George and Lynne are at a wedding. The bald man is in charge of the book, usually reserved for congratulations but this time is being used for condolences because of the mismatch of the bride and groom. The bald man must be a friend or relative of either the bride or groom. Judging that he is in charge of the book means he is either the best man or usher, or the father of the bride. Either way, he is not a very good friend or father.

If he was a friend of the ugly groom, he should be happy that his friend has, against all odds, bagged himself an attractive wife. No one thought it would happen but it has. If he is the father of the bride, he should never have allowed this to happen. He should have had a stern word with his daughter that she was marrying a deeply ugly man.

It could be that the bride was adamant she wanted to marry the ugly man but she seems very sad that her husband is as ugly as he is. Did she not realise who she was marrying? The only explanation is that she is from Eastern Europe and the only way to stay in the country is to marry an Englishman. The ugly man was the only man available so he had to do. It still begs the question of what George and Lynne are doing at the wedding. Do they feel it's their right to go to everything that happens in Wimbledon?


  1. The bride is crying with happiness. The bald man is joking, of course, though George is slow to realise it. The bald man is a well-known wit and is Lynne's comedy mentor, maybe even her manager.

    Lynne is trying to carry on the joke and show her adlibbing skills with her "poor girl" comment but is carelessly saying it so everyone can hear, which will cause an awkward scene. Several people have even turned blue out of horror at her gaucheness.

  2. I think the question that needs to be answered is why is Cleo Rocos marrying a chimp? is this perhaps an early jape from the prankmeister Jeremy Beadle? If so, George and Lynne will be a laughing stock in the Wimbledon area when this is aired on primetime ITV.