Thursday, April 14, 2011


Lynne is washing the car and sees a man leaving. She asks George who the man was. George says it is his much married friend Martin who has at last found out what true happiness is. Lynne asks if this is a good woman but George replies that it is a good divorce lawyer. Lynne throws a sponge at George

George has been entertaining a man who Lynne has never met yet she is still happy enough to wash George's car without a top on. It also seems that she has been doing this at the front of the house, in full view of all the neighbours. It could be that the building George and Martin have emerged from is in fact George's garage and the car is parked round the side of the house.

George has thus been entertaining Martin in his garage. He also needed the car to be out of the garage and for Lynne to be busy during this time. What has George been getting up to in there? The logical explanation is that George was showing Martin some structural damage that Martin could help him with but it could be more complicated than that.

The actual reason is that George and Martin are forming a blues band. They were seeing if George's garage would be able to house their rehearsals and if George's old printing machine could knock out a few flyers. Despite not being able to play their instruments yet, George and Martin want to create a buzz in the Wimbledon area. The first gig, down the Ferryboat naturally, will be a sell out.


  1. Martin has actually developed a profound and sincere religious faith, and has decided to become a monk. That's why we don't see him goggling at Lynne's norks.

    George is very impressed by this and was hoping to share some of his deeper thoughts about life with Lynne. When she interrupts with her trite attempt at humour, he is annoyed and gets caustic. He will have to wash the car and contemplate the universe by himself now.

  2. Lynne's reaction seems a litle over the top given her own taste for very poor quality humorous comments. Perhaps she's worried about George as possible competition on the Wimbledon alternative comedy scene. Or perhaps she and George have been having some marital problems and George's quip has touched a very raw nerve.

    Interesting days ahead for our heroes.