Tuesday, April 5, 2011


George and Lynne are eating dinner. George says he misses kidney in his pork chop and adds that the government should never have let the EEC dictate to British butchers. Lynne agrees. Later, when they are watching television, George says that he doesn't want his movie interrupted by the news just because Whitehall says so. Lynne agrees. Later, Lynne is on the phone to Judy and tells her that men need a wife to have someone to blame when they can't blame the government.

George has been reading The Sun again. He has been told that the EEC have told British butchers that they cannot sell a pork chops with the kidney through the middle, but naturally he blames the government, which is most likely the one belonging to Mrs Thatcher. He also doesn't like the ITV film being interrupted, especially when it's Moonraker. He will definitely be voting Labour at the next election, not that it will do any good.

It seems that something has happened that we have missed. Lynne is complaining to Judy but we have not seen George blame Lynne for anything. Either George laid into Lynne before we joined the episode or he has done so after he has complained about the news. Lynne has no real right to complain to Judy if he hasn't done so. He must have blamed Lynne for buying the wrong wine or for taking up all the sofa. Lynne is phoning Judy because she wants to tell her that George has hit her, as was the style of the times, but she can't bring herself to do it. When she puts the phone down and turns back towards us, she will reveal a massive black eye. That'll teach her for voting Conservative.


  1. So she serves him a lovely dinner in a bikini and he bangs on about kidneys and the EEC. Then, when the government-ordered news comes on, he's putting his jacket on to go to the pub rather than spend half an hour with Lynne. The implication of what she says to Judy is that George needs her for blame, but not for intimacy any more. Heart-breaking.

  2. George really does look very angry indeed in that first picture. Presumably this was the very early eighties when he was a mere footsoldier in Wimbledon's Mafia rather than the crimelord we know him as now.

  3. I missed eating beef in the UK when mad cow was around. He could just eat...never mind.