Monday, April 18, 2011


George and Lynne are on the beach with an unnamed friend. She tells Lynne she plans to use liposuction to get rid of some ugly unsightly fat. Lynne tells her she has a fantastic figure. The friend tells Lynne that the liposuction was for her husband but she's decided to divorce him instead.

It's the first warm day of the year so naturally everyone south of Watford has flocked to the coast in the vain attempt of getting a tan. Lynne and her friend have not caught the sun but George is positively golden. He has however fallen asleep and needs to be careful he doesn't get burned.

In the time Lynne tells her friend that she has a fantastic figure, she has decided against liposuction for her husband, for whom it was originally intended, and opted for a divorce. When the man in the foreground comes into earshot, the woman makes a point of emphasising the words 'divorce him' so he can hear. We assume the man in the foreground is her husband, however she is actually attracted to that man and wants to give him the impression that she is available as her marriage is going through a rough patch.

The friend's shouting has woken George up and he looks a little worse for wear. He is still tanned but by the look on his face he did not intend to get that brown. His skin may have tightened somewhat. The drive back to the city could be a little painful.


  1. Blimey. Way to kill a joke with sloppy wording, G&L authors. It might make more sense if the man in the third frame turned out to be her liposuction surgeon, but he would be a poor advert for the business. I hope he's not a dermatologist either, as he has forgotten to put suntan lotion on his shoulders and face and they will be peeling for days.

    George's awkward expression may be due to embarrassment at having woken up with an erection. He is trying to think about legal statutes now.

  2. Wholly inappropriate facial expression from Lynne as she learns of an impending divorce. Is she a sociopath and completely devoid of empathy or has George just announced his waking by poking her in the back?

  3. Judging by Lynne's eyes in the first frame she has been smoking a Moroccan Woodbine. Her smile in the third frame is because she's just recognised some material she can use in Wimbledon's fledgling comedy club. Unfortunately, due to her stoned state she isn't in a position to recognise the poor quality of her friend's comment. Lynne, you're going to get bottled off the stage, proof that drug taking is neither big nor clever.

  4. Maybe not, Havoc. She may just be ogling her friend's body, the way she does with 'Mantha.

  5. Fair point, Anon. There is often an undercurrent of hidden and forbidden desires with our heroes.