Monday, April 11, 2011


Lynne is on the phone. She wants confirmation from her friend that her first husband had a fear of open spaces. The friend does confirm this and adds that her second husband had a fear of enclosed spaces. Lynne asks about husband number three and she is told he has a fear of parking spaces.

Lynne is on the phone but she is outside. As mobile phones were not commonplace in the mid-80s, Lynne must be on a cordless phone that has a good range and she is standing out the back of a house. Her house does not have red bricks so it must be someone else's house. She has asked to use the phone and is cheekily making a social call.

The woman on the the other end of the phone says her husband had a fear of closed spaces. This could be the man from Married. He was once married but is now not. The fact that this woman is now on husband number three suggests she either makes bad decisions or is difficult to live with. The conclusion was made that she was suffocating the man, so she must be a difficult wife.

As the full episode is revealed, we see that the woman Lynne is talking to is just the other side of the road. This means that Lynne is not on the phone at all but is using the walkies talkies from Camping. She bought a job lot and gave a load to her friends. The only problem with this is that she has to take twelve different sets out whenever she leaves the house.

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  1. It looks as if the back end of the Ford Granada is all mashed up. Did the husband genuinely have a panic attack while driving into the parking space and suddenly back out and crash into the blue Range Rover?

    And how will the two drivers react when they realise that, at this very stressful time, Lynne and Mrs Granada are mucking around and talking past them with walkie-talkies?