Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Lynne is lying in the garden reading a book of love poems. She tells George who is mowing the lawn. He doesn't hear and asks Lynne what she said. Lynne tells him not to mind.

Project garden has found new legs over at George and Lynne's place. George has decided to tackle the lawn as it has now got to dangerous lengths. Lynne has found a patch of cut lawn and bedded down with her book.

Lynne's book of love poems is unimaginatively entitled Love Poems and has no single author so is more likely a compilation of famous love poems. It doesn't have an inspiring cover either, but this is probably because it is a hard back and Lynne has left the dust jacket inside in case it was caught by a gust of wind and goes into George's mower. Lynne likes a tidy bookshelf.

George doesn't hear Lynne's comment and so switches his lawnmower off. He has given Lynne sufficent time and noise level to repeat her statement but instead she decides against it. She slams her head on the book, most likely creasing a page or two. It makes leaving the dust jacket inside a little pointless.


  1. Very seasonal. Grass doesn't really grow until the temperature reaches about 10C; now the happy married couple are doing suburban things agaim.

  2. The lawnmower doesn't have a grass-catcher. Lynne is going to be covered in green mush when she gets up.

    George has been pushing the lawnmower around for half an hour, and has spent that time thinking up his humorous couplet and then waiting for Lynne to say something so he could spring it on her. I hope he managed to think of a second, more romantic couplet.

  3. It appears to me that the 'brrrrr' noise is actually coming from the region of Lynne's bottom. Beef Madras last night was it Lynne?