Tuesday, April 26, 2011


George and Lynne are at home. George tells Lynne not to forget about their new neighbours' party tonight. Lynne tells George that she's bought a new hair colour specially.
She goes on to say that she thought she'd try being a brunette for a change. George says that is looks like Lynne is dyeing to meet them.

Lynne is quite forgetful so George has to constantly remind her about the social engagements they have booked together. Just last week she forgot about a gala dinner. She was fast asleep at 6 o'clock, leaving George to attend on his own, much to his and his colleagues annoyance, who had all been taking bets on what sort of outrageous outfit Lynne would be wearing that night.

This party is being hosted by the new neighbours who have presumably just moved into the area. Lynne is going to surprise them by dyeing her natural blonde hair brown. This will completely throw them as they have seen a blonde woman leaving that house. As they live down the road, they have not yet had a chance to see her face. They will presume the dark haired woman is George's wife but think the blonde woman is his mistress. They will be feeling very awkward and will probably not to socialise with George, although his poor unsuspecting wife is fantastic company. Soon they will confront Lynne to tell her that her husband is having an affair. She will believe them and a huge row will break out with George threatening to leave, all because Lynne dyed her hair.


  1. Lynne's devilish grin at the end indicates that she has some plan in mind. This is all going to be part of some practical joke on the new neighbours. She wants to find out if they are "game for a laugh".

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