Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Lynne and 'Mantha are enjoying a jacuzzi. Lynne tells 'Mantha that apparently Tina once had a brief fling with a tattooist. 'Mantha asks Lynne what she got out of it to which Lynne replies that she got a butterfly, a heart and an "I Love Brad Pitt."

It might be that Lynne and 'Mantha have gone to a health club to enjoy their jacuzzi. However it could also be possible that 'Mantha has invested in a whirlpool bath to ease her woes regarding Sammy. She needs somewhere to relax and take her mind off his alcoholism. In fact, when you get closer to 'Mantha, it looks as though she might be losing a bit of her hair, no doubt through stress.

'Mantha's jacuzzi is really only built for one. She has added to the ambience with a fern and some candles and oils but the fact of the matter is that she and Lynne will have to take it in turns to get the full pleasure of the bath. 'Mantha, being a good sport, has decided to sit on the edge and let Lynne try it out as this is her first time and 'Mantha has been soaking in it for the last week.

Lynne talks of Tina's affair with a tattooist. At the end she talks of the actual tattoos Tina got out of the relationship. There are always perks of a relationship but they differ depending on the profession of the partner. In this case, Tina was lucky to get a discount on tattoos. She opted for a butterfly, heart and an I Love Brad Pitt. These may have all been part of the same design. The boyfriend was happy to do the heart and butterfly in a tasteful design but drew the line at the I Love... part. This rogue Brad Pitt has been making a name for himself about town and he didn't want a girlfriend who still held a torch for him.


  1. Do I get the vaguest hint of lesbian overtones with this cartoon? Probably just my fevered imagination.

  2. That would be cool; Mantha and Lynne. It's probably going on, but you have to look in the online parodies out there. Can't put it in the Sun.

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