Wednesday, August 4, 2010


George and Lynne are out and about. Lynne spots Tamsin and says that she's always going topless. The next day Lynne spots Tamsin again and says she is topless as usual. George is surprised that Tamsin would be topless in the high street but she does in fact have the top down in her sports car.

Tamsin is topless in her garden which doesn't seem to bother George and Lynne. She does however seem to be topless in her front garden which is in full view of the general public as George and Lynne have walked right past her. If this is Tamsin's back garden, then George and Lynne may be trespassing her neighbour's garden. The neighbour in question might be a little confused about who to call the police on here.

The next day George and Lynne are wearing exactly the same clothes as the day before. Did they feel that these clothes weren't dirty? If it is warm enough for Tamsin to go topless then you would think that their clothes would have got a little sweaty and dirty as George and Lynne climbed over the fence to get into this person's garden, especially as both George and Lynne are wearing white trousers.

Lynne says that Tamsin is topless in her sports car. This is not technically true. In fact, she has the top down on her sports car; that is, her sports car is topless, not her. George has looked round to see Tamsin topless in her car but will be disappointed. George is also surprised that Tamsin would be topless in the high street but doesn't bat an eyelid that she was topless in the full view of the public in her street. Double standards there George, and for Lynne too for sneering at Tamsin initially. Hypocrites.


  1. Hypocrites for certain. Just look at Lynne on the pedalo at the top of the blog. And that's not the only occasion she's got them out in public.

    Double standards are very unnatractive, Lynne.

  2. Both of Lynne's standards are very attractive to me!

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