Thursday, August 12, 2010


Lynne is cooking. She soon realises that the meal is becoming a real disaster. George arrives and Lynne calls for his help. George has already bought fish and chips. Lynne thanks him.

It is Lynne's turn to cook dinner and she has decided to do something special for George. She has spent all day on this meal and it has occupied so much of her time that she has forgotten to put any clothes on – she simply hasn't had the time!

One of the reasons that Lynne's meal is failing is that she has no room to work. What she should have done is do all the washing up before tackling cooking a big meal. Work surfaces should be clean and free from clutter, exactly the opposite of Lynne's kitchen. She has got caught behind some dirty casserole dishes and whilst trying to free herself, her lamb has burned.

George is no mug. He knew full well the state of the kitchen when he left for work this morning. He should do; it was his and Sammy's doing as they tried to drink wine out of every receptacle in the house after they came back from the pub. The one thing he didn't expect is that Lynne would actually cook amongst this mess so he bought fish and chips as a peace offering to Lynne for leaving the house in a state. Lynne is so happy that they will eat this evening that she has completely forgotten about George's drunken late night antics.

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