Wednesday, August 11, 2010


George and Lynne are having dinner. George introduces a man to Lynne. The man says it is a pleasure and calls Lynne a lovely lady. Lynne tells George that she thinks he's a gentleman. George disagrees and tells Lynne that he is known as a real love rat. Lynne asks George whether he loves them and leaves them. George tells her it is worse than that as he loves them and leaves them with the bill.

George and Lynne have picked a restaurant that unfortunately is close to the scene of a major crime. The patrons by the window are bathed in blue light, most likely from a police cars stationed right outside. It is unlikely that the restaurant itself is the crime scene, but it can't be good for business to have all those police cars outside.

George is very two faced with his friend. He is more than happy to introduce him to Lynne but then as soon as his back is turned he starts to bad mouth him. George has his reasons but he may also be taking umbrage to his friend's very small beard. He doesn't trust anyone who works that hard on facial hair. He respects a bushy beard or moustache, like Sammy's.

The man has walked out on his date, leaving her with the bill. These truly are the actions of a rogue. The woman looks utterly perplexed and this will soon turn to anger. Her first thought is to report this to the policemen who are still outside. However, even though the man's actions are far from honourable, they are not illegal. The police will offer their sympathies and, having heard the description of him, will advise her to, in future, keep away from men with tiny beards.


  1. If he's a love rat why is George willing to introduce him to Lynne? For goodness sake, George, that's just asking for trouble.

    Unless George is hoping to get him involved with Lynne for blackmail purposes. Well, it would be one solution to our hero's financial problems.

  2. From that beard I suspect this man of being Councillor Masterson, new owner of Wimbledon's largest plastics factory. George and Lynne would be well advised not to accept any plastic novelties from him.