Monday, August 23, 2010


Lynne is out jogging. She notices a dog is chasing her and thinks that dogs are an occupational hazard for joggers. She notices it is getting closer and says so. Finally she kneels down and says that this one has her licked, and the dog licks her.

Poor Lynne. She is jogging and thinks it is actually an occupation. She has so little to do with her days that she believes her mundane daily routines actually constitute work. Later she will complain to George that she had a hard day because 'Mantha wanted to order coffee after lunch.

Initially Lynne just thinks to herself but as the dog gets closer she cannot control herself and has to express herself through speech. She is worried that the dog will attack her and she wishes to warn any passers-by that her mutilation is imminent. Unfortunately for her, she has just turned into a quieter road where no one is around.

Luckily for Lynne, the dog turns out to be rather friendly and just wants to lick her. Through relief, Lynne's regards for personal hygiene are thrown out the window. It may be understandable to let a dog you own to lick you but one you were recently being chased by is a different matter. Especially as this dog seems to have ripped off the sleeve of her t-shirt.


  1. poor old Lynne. she's really going to the dogs these days. ain't life a bitch?

  2. Looks like she's being hounded in the cartoon. That's terrierble.

  3. She's certainly having a ruff day. I suspect she generally prefers a different kind of dogging.