Thursday, August 5, 2010


George and Lynne are in their bedroom. Lynne gets George's attention and then throws a pillow at him for not bringing her tea in bed. George guesses that that is what you call pillow talk.

This must be the morning for George and Lynne. George is brushing his hair and Lynne wants tea; if this was evening it would be a strange ritual. As George is brushing his hair then we can also assume he has had his shower and is just about to get dressed.

Lynne's ire comes from the absence of tea. She is extremely ratty until she has had her morning fix. She throws the pillow with such venom that it causes George to drop his brush. George is lucky that the pillow is the first thing that Lynne could grab. If it was the alarm clock, he could be seriously hurt. To avoid further injuries, George should invest in a teasmaid.

On closer inspection, George is still wearing his pyjama bottoms. Has he even had his shower? Where has been this time? Lynne expected tea so perhaps George has been downstairs. His alibi is the hair brush that he holds, but he'll have to shower before he leaves the house. George has been downstairs making an important phone call that he wants to keep secret from Lynne and, more importantly, us.


  1. Lynne really does have anger management issues. This isn't the first time she's flown off the handle. Honestly, Lynne, is it so difficult to get out of bed and make the tea?

  2. Better drawn than most, but it looks like Lynne is getting a case of "thunder thighs." Maybe she's getting more than tea in bed. I know the Sun guys read this, so why not tell your artists to get their act together or go the way of Pogo and Dick Tracy. Look at the old black and white G&Ls from 20 years ago on, and get your cartoonists in shape!