Monday, August 9, 2010


Lynne and 'Mantha are in their underwear. Lynne tells 'Mantha that George has warned her that she has far too many clothes. 'Mantha asks Lynne how she managed to talk him round to which Lynne replies that she took some off.

Lynne and 'Mantha are in their underwear which means they are getting changed for some reason. There are clothes hanging up so we must assume that they are in a clothes shop. This would explain why 'Mantha is so shocked. She has been told that George has given Lynne an ultimatum about her shopping and here she is trying on new clothes. 'Mantha just has to know how Lynne got out of this one.

'Mantha has today matched her earrings with her underwear. Her outfit may also be blue but it does appear that 'Mantha has foreseen standing in her underwear in front of people so has either decided to go with the blue earrings to match her underwear or decided on the blue underwear because she knew she was going to wear her blue outfit, and therefore the blue earrings. Dressing must be a bind for 'Mantha.

George actually warned Lynne that she was wearing too many clothes because it was an unseasonably warm day. Lynne was about to go out wearing shirt, polo neck, cardigan and jacket. George showed Lynne the weather forecast, which read 21 degrees and sunny. Lynne rightly removed some items and now feels a lot more comfortable than she would have done. She is in the shop to add to her winter wardrobe, which she found this morning was woefully unfashionable.

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