Thursday, May 6, 2010


George and Lynne are at a restaurant. George asks the waiter for a table for two. The waiter seats Lynne and then sits down next to her and kisses her hand. Lynne says to George that he didn't say which two the table was for.

This must be a very fancy restaurant. Not only are the waiters all wearing tuxedos but all the male clientele are also sporting bow ties. It appears that the dress code is 'male guests must wear a bow tie.'

After seeing what happens next, this is certainly not a fancy restaurant. What sort of self-respecting establishment would allow its staff to behave in such a manner. Not only has one waiter started attempting to court a customer, in full view of her dinner partner no less, but another waiter is egging him on, in a passive silent way of course. It looks as though the only thing that is stopping the waiter in the background from shouting 'Go on my son!' is the fact he has to pick up some half eaten prawn cocktails from table 4.

Who is more to blame in this episode? The waiter for his rude but audacious behaviour or Lynne for allowing to happen. Perhaps George should blame himself for instead of being angry and demanding to see the manager, he is merely perplexed at the scene. This is the waiter's way of telling him that he is fooling no one by wearing a bow tie with his office suit.

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  1. It is, of course, wholly conceivable that the man assumed to be a waiter is in fact a strippogram. George has ordered this for Lynne's birthday. As it is such a special occasion, George has organised the visit to a very high class restaurant and has to be in black tie. Of course, the restaurant are going to be furious when the 'waiter' strips off and Lynne is rubbing baby oil on to his - well, you know what.

    George, that is one serious misjudgement you've made.