Thursday, May 20, 2010


George and Lynne are at a party. Lynne notices their accountant who she didn't know would be at this party. George didn't know this either but points out that their accountant seems to be enjoying himself. He then adds that he always had a good eye for figures.

The party that George and Lynne are attending appears to be a very extravagant affair as the host has asked the men to wear dinner suits and the women to wear cocktail dresses. However it is light outside and the only party decorations seem to be balloons. The host of this party has decided to go for a themed affair of cocktail party meets children's birthday party. Alternatively the host could be combining his or her party with that of their young child. It starts at 4pm with jelly and ice cream and ends at 2am with charades and Amaretto.

George and Lynne have their own accountant but are oblivious to the fact that he moves in the same social circles as them. Are they surprised that they have mutual friends or that he goes out at all, or worried that he will see that they hang in far higher echelons of society than their tax returns make out?

The accountant has the style of Martin Scorcese and is definitely a hit with these two ladies. Whether he is regaling them with accountancy anecdotes or just offering his services we do not know. Lynne does not look happy with George after his attempt at a joke. This is either because she does not find it funny, she was hoping to tell the same joke herself or that the circles that their accountant is moving in are highly suspicious as this is be the party of a successful but shady local businessman. Time to get a new accountant.

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  1. That last frame makes me wonder if Lynne and the accountant have 'history'. If they have, it must be unknown to George or he would not have made his fine witticism.

    Or would he? Does George suspect that the accountant has been practicing his double entry with Lynne. In which case, the Wimbledon Ripper may soon have claimed two more victims.