Wednesday, May 26, 2010


George and Lynne are outside the dentist's. George tells Lynne to hurry otherwise he'll miss his appointment for his check up. Lynne says that she's never known George to be so keen as he usually hates seeing the dentist. George adds that he loves seeing the new nurse.

George is going to the dentist. A common occurrence for a man of his age. However George sees a need to take his wife with him. Is this a ritual? Perhaps in the past, George has been so afraid of the dentist that he needed the support of his wife as he nervously waited with the dog-eared copies of National Geographic and Woman's Weekly.

There is an argument that both George and Lynne have decided to book their dentist appointments at the same time. This could happen if their previous appointments had been at the same time. It's easier for them to try and arrange this as they only have one car. George would only need to take a morning off work and could drop off Lynne in town afterwards. If this is the case then George's appointment will be before Lynne's. If this is the case then it is very selfish of Lynne to hold up George from his appointment. Oh, it's all very well you arriving in time for your appointment Lynne but what about the £40 George will have to fork out for a missed appointment? Think about someone other than yourself for once.

George loves seeing the new nurse. Just how new is she? George really only needs to see the dentist once every six months so she must have been working there for at least that time. If he and Lynne had appointments at the same time last time, Lynne would have noticed her then, and equally George's drooling. So unless George has been going to the dentist a lot more, perhaps to sort out that gingivitis, then this nurse has been working there for at least a year, as George uses the word 'seeing' to imply he has seen her more than once before today. A year! Hardly new, George.

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  1. What on earth is George doing with his left hand in that middle frame? And the nurse wants to wipe that smug look off her face before an enraged Lynne does it for her.