Wednesday, May 5, 2010


George and Lynne are in line at the train station. The woman at the front asks for two tickets to Edinburgh. The man behind the counter asks her if she wants first or second class. The woman tells him that she has always been first class but it is her husband who has never had any class at all. Her husband pulls a silly face.

There is an awfully long line at the ticket office and the man behind the counter is wasting people's time by asking them if they want first or second class. You would think that if someone wanted a first class ticket they would specifically ask for it as the correct term for second class is standard class. There must be a special bank holiday offer on for a reduced first class ticket if you buy one, perhaps something like buy a first class ticket and get a second for the price of a second class ticket. The man behind the counter is about to explain the offer but the woman cuts in. The reason the queue is so long is because he has had to explain the offer to everyone.

The woman deserved the face that her husband pulled. If she had just turned to him and said “Shall we go first class?” they may have had a normal conversation about the standard of seat they wanted. No, the woman takes this as an opportunity to ridicule her husband in front of a group of strangers. His thoughts are “If she thinks I've got no class, I'll show her no class. Watch this!” We suspect this has been going on for quite some time. She may of course be referring to his attire. These two are on their way to the woman's great aunt's funeral in Edinburgh. She has decided on a black dress with pearls to show she is in mourning but she also retain some class. He however has decided to wear a white shirt, green jacket and a flowery scarf. If that isn't bad enough he has tied his tie around the collar of his jacket, not his shirt. He does indeed look foolish.


  1. Even by George and Lynne standards this is a very poor cartoon. Well, at least until it is explained in more detail, anyway.

    It is, of course, possible that the man is suffering from some form of mental handicap. It would certainly explain the juvenile face pulling and tie placed around the jacket collar. In which case, perhaps we shouldn't be laughing at him.

  2. ExtremelyCreamyMay 6, 2010 at 2:51 PM

    His tie is placed around his jacket because he has quickly changed it! If you look in the first frame the tie is green, he must have just swapped it out for the red one for comic effect.

  3. Perhaps they are a slapstick comedy duo on their way to a gig at the Edinburgh fringe festival and are putting on an ad hoc show to calm the frayed nerves of commuters who are getting more and more angry at having to wait for so long to buy a ticket.